Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Million Pillowcase Challenge

By now I know most of you have heard about American Patchwork & Quiltings 2010 Pillowcase Challenge. The idea is to make pillowcases & for quilt shops to donate them to a designated charity. We designated the ConKerr Cancer Foundation as they are set up to donate the pillowcases to children who are currently undergoing cancer treatments. I am thrilled to report that we have donated about 200 so far this year! I want to say this challenge has helped me learn of many more organizations that are assisting children fighting pediatric cancers. Most recently I met Joann Nawrocki, who heads up Alexa Nawrocki Pediatric Cancer Foundation. After learning more about this foundation I immediately offered Joann some of our pillowcases! She gladly accepted them to give to the children they are in contact with at Children's Hospital of Phl.